European Roulette Gold is a befitting ode to one of the evergreen game of casino. Time will fly by when you start playing this game where the possibilities of bets and the types of combinations you can make seem endless. Lose yourself in this famous casino game that seems to be eternally loved by selecting a table, studying the game and making your wager.

European Roulette Gold Playing Process:

Novices and seasoned players both will find something to enjoy in the European Roulette Gold, which is made on the European way of playing roulette. Thrilling and innovative bets like assorted waging options called Call and Neighbor bets, option to customize the layout of the bids and the option to auto play are added in this version of the game. Traditional wagers like bets on number of line and sets, odd and even number bets and any bet on the numbers between zero to thirty-six are also present in the game. Subject to the kind of wager, the highest and lowest amount of bets can be changed.

Win More With European Roulette:

There are some difference between the European and American version of Roulette with only one zero in the European Roulette unlike the two in American. Also there are no numbered black and red slots in European Roulette. With only one zero in the game, probably of a player winning and reaching a black or red slot increases because of half the chances of it stopping on zero. With plenty of options for spinners to opt from, European Roulette Gold is a fine specimen of the roulette game.

A simple and quick game for the players to learn, it provides a respite from all the casino slot games. Betting is simple, depending on what the player believes, they chooses any color, red or black, or a number between 1 and 36 and make their bet. There is no limit to betting, they can wager very little or they can go big in their bet. If the balls lands on the any of their selection, the game is won by the player.

Essentials of European Roulette:

Unlike the traditional version of European Roulette, the online version has a limitation on the betting limits to make it safer and unbiased for everyone. Players can bet from NZD25p to the highest level of NZD500. Variety of options for betting are thirty-seven with the payout ratio of 36-to-1, giving the chance to improve the returns.

Playing The Digital Version of European Roulette Gold:

It is always better to be safe than be sorry later on. To ensure your own safety, try to go for gaming platforms or casinos online that are recognized and are accredited by any of the national bodies out there. For best experience, opt for endorsed platforms by the governments of Jersey, UK, Isle of Man or Gibraltar.

After you have ensured the safety of your personal credentials and sensitive information by selecting a trust worthy platform, you can play European Roulette Gold digitally happily. Try your luck at European Roulette Gold by aiming for the huge jackpot and have fun trying to do so.

Experience Of European Roulette Gold Series and Reviews:

Every gambler knows that they are in for a good time when they go with any of the Microgaming games. Casino games by Microgaming are no different and offer an exhilarating experience. You have the chance to win money while being entertained in the European Roulette Gold series. There are thirty-seven pockets in this digital version of the game with the waging choices starting from CAD1 to CAD160. The visuals, ease of game play, multiple options and straightforwardness are the hallmarks of Microgaming online roulette game has experienced by the online gamblers.

Variations in Classical Roulette And European Roulette Gold:

The differences between the two all depend on the type of wheel being used by the player to play, an American one or European one. There is one number more in the American variety of the game as compared to the European version. This difference is both present in the online and the physical versions of the game. Charges are another differing factor, with the physical casinos charging more from the player as compared to the digital ones. More players can enjoy online form of the game as a result, making the digital version of the European Roulette Gold more economical.

With the online version providing a safe sanctuary, people can indulge in European Roulette Gold without being put through any stigma associated with gambling in many cultures. There are many different platforms with some even offering free bonuses is another plus point for the online version. More variety of players from varied culture and social backgrounds form up online game rooms offering a unique judgement free opportunity to make friends without leaving the comfort of your home. The odds are always better when it comes to digital versions of the casino games as compared to the physical casinos, and this is quite true in the case of European Roulette Gold.


This is one of the simplest casino games out there. In European Roulette Gold, all you have to do is make a selection of the number on which you think the ball is going to land after the wheel is spun and then make the bet. There are many options for various wagers and you can easily alter the value of the coins in your tray. Select the one you want and start spinning the wheel.

You can keep a track of your performance through the game statistics file that tracks your previous spins along with arrangement of your bets.