It is the popular knowledge that most of the great casinos in the country were not in favor of Internet poker. Despite this, today they have begun to have doubts about it. However, the illegality of this type of games within the United States means that the casino industry may consider this game play a threat, even though it is a very popular method of entertainment within the territory.

Petition for legalization

Several proposals have been made for the legalization of online casino games within the United States. Firstly, a commercial group that is in charge of representing the main casino establishments such as GM Resorts, Wynn Resorts, and Harrah’s Entertainment are working on a proposal that allows Congress to legalize, at least, some form of gambling in line. All this is known thanks to the statements made by the group’s executive director.

In the same way, the American Gaming Association group was in charge of issuing a communiqué, during the spring, which proposed the implementation of an adequate regulatory system for online gambling. In this way, legalization could be carried out without problems, having defined parameters and establishing the regulations that would govern the process.

On the other hand, its executive director, Frank J. Fahrenkopf Jr., indicated during a telephone conversation that they were still defining the parameters of their proposed legislation, since they had not been able to resolve, for the moment, the whole matter, above all, the corresponding way in which the collection of the games of casino on the Internet would be taxed. However, he emphasized that they are working on this and that they will continue working until they achieve the proposed objectives.

Specialists Opinion

Regarding the opinions given by the specialists of the area, it was agreed that any proposal of the legalization of the online games that would be backed by a casino would be limited to online poker. This is because it is the game that is considered less threatening to physical casinos. It is important to indicate that Internet poker already had part of the backing of the casino industry since it is seen as a new and very lucrative income source for these companies with a vision of the future.

In Congress

It should also be noted that Congress has been focusing on the study of a bill introduced by Representative Barney Frank, a Democrat from Massachusetts. This law focuses on the legalization of all types of online bets, favoring sports betting in the same way. That is how in July, the Financial Services Committee of the House of Representatives gave its approval to Representative Bill Frank’s bill, which is not expected to reach greater, according to industry analysts, since Congress has not will give its approval, because it is opposed to the interests of the game and the big casinos.

Support for online games

This support movement that has been seen from the casinos is fundamental to open the doors to the online casino game since this could create a new and powerful force that facilitates the debate process within the United States Congress. This is also likely to intensify the struggles in the state legislatures, this being derived from various interests of the game (groups of lotteries, race tracks, and Indian tribes), which will force legislators to get more dollars by betting for the states when moving to the Internet.

States such as New Jersey, Florida, and California have recently made unsuccessful efforts to reach the legalization of Internet gambling in casino games. This was confirmed by Mark Balestra, director of BolaVerde Media Group, which is a consulting firm in St. Louis dedicated to tracking web gambling. The amount of activities carried out suggests that the movement will continue, even though they have not achieved any progress until now.

It is also known that some of the business groups of casinos that support the legalization of online games have been given the task of investing in software companies or companies dedicated to the development and management of games of chance abroad, hoping to Soon to venture within the country with these elements acquired.